Large cities have long been on forefront of the art world, and many artists flock to places like London, Paris or New York City to make their name. They dream of major gallery events, and they are eager for the day they will have their own successful show. Many of them are disappointed and move back home when the world of buyers and collectors reject their offerings, but those that make it celebrate their successes.

Art is a world where trends flourish and then die quickly, but this does not discourage those who create. They are always looking forward to their next project, and each artist contributes to the overall success of any artist. Their visions and dreams are brought into reality in many different venues, and these include murals, sculptures and paintings. Some artists specialize in forms that are temporary such as chalk art, ice sculptures and urban art that is better known as graffiti.

Art For The People

Cold Art

Children often rush outdoors in the cold weather when snow has fallen, and they create their own art and buildings...

Art For The People

Public Funded Art

Nobody wants to live in a drab world, and cities are aware their citizens require beauty to make their lives...

Art For The People

Art Deco Murals of the Past

Large murals on the outside of modern buildings have become popular in recent years, but most of them are painted...

Art For The People

Creating Civic Art

Large buildings and busy streets are the hallmarks of cities, and artists who create works for these urban areas must...

Art For The People

Turning Criminals into Contributors

Graffiti has long been the bane of city officials and building owners, but times have changed. Street art is now...

Art For The People

Temporary Art

When it comes to art, people tend to think of pieces and projects that will be around for years or...