Public Funded Art

Nobody wants to live in a drab world, and cities are aware their citizens require beauty to make their lives better. Not every person in a city is rich, and art can be very expensive. Rather than deprive people, cities often contract artists to create beauty in public parks and common areas. Some of these may be murals, but sculpture is often used as a way to add beauty while reminding people of historic events and powerful leaders who have contributed to society.

The majority of art created for cities must be able to stand the vagaries of the weather, and this is one reason murals and sculptures are often chosen. They can be made from materials that will wear well through long years, and this allows the city to plan long term without the worry of constant replacement. The citizens will get used to the over time, and many people will have favorites they walk past on a regular basis.

Murals are an investment to make a building stand out within the city, and large companies often display them. They see them as a form of advertisement, but they also add beauty to the surrounding area. This has been a boon for artists throughout the centuries, and many have answered this commercial call. The art of creating murals has come full circle, and cities are now investing in them for public buildings. This was done many centuries ago, but tight budgets forced cities to stop the practice over the years.

Sculptures in public parks and common areas are a way for cities to add beauty with little maintenance, so they have become a popular form of art. The materials used will last for many years, and rain generally takes care of cleaning these pieces. Occasionally, one will be damaged, but the artist can be contacted to correct any problems.