Cold Art

Children often rush outdoors in the cold weather when snow has fallen, and they create their own art and buildings from this fluffy substance. While it is a cherished part of many childhoods, there are a few of them who grow up and become artists. They have never lost touch with their inner child, and they have learned how to create in a cold medium that brings out their love of art from when they were young. Fortunately, their creation in these temporary venues also brings back good memories in their patrons and viewers.

Snow and ice are subject to melting when the temperature climbs above freezing, and there are few places where a sculpture can be maintained in the natural environment. For this reason, many ice and snow pieces are planned to melt in a way that keeps their beauty as long as possible. Ice sculptors have long carved water channels into their pieces to create new shapes as they melt, and the same can be done with snow sculptures.

As temporary as they are, ice and snow sculptures can have a lasting impact on viewers. While some are exact replicas of historic buildings or people, many fall into the category of whimsical art pieces. Crenellated towers may adorn mythical snow castles, and icy unicorns might be ready to romp across the frozen tundra of the viewing area. These creations are meant to amaze and astound viewers, and they create smiles and laughter with their existence.

Building in any temporary medium is a labor of love for an artist, but there seems to be an endless stream of them who are willing to use their creative energy for sculptures that will not linger very long. Their love of creating and sharing are what drive them to labor over a piece that will soon melt back into their imagination forever.