Creating Civic Art

Large buildings and busy streets are the hallmarks of cities, and artists who create works for these urban areas must consider these factors. Cities are places where people are in a hurry, and they usually do not have a lot of time to dawdle on their way. For this reason, it is important for urban artists to create art that is easy to view by those who are rushing past at breakneck speeds.

Catering to clients has long been part of the work of creating art, and urban art falls into this creative concern. Many artists who specialize in urban work know this, and they often design pieces that are large and easily seen at a distance. This gives them a greater audience for their message, and it helps their clients feel they are successfully sharing their art with the general public. While large is not always good in any area, proper planning can make any piece a success.

Sculptures and murals are two of the more popular pieces of urban art, and it is because they can be seen from a distance and enjoyed by many. These are projects that work well when the scale is large, and this is one reason they are chosen. Many of them are placed outside of buildings where they must stand up to the weather, but indoor reception areas are also popular places due to heavy traffic.

Another possible reason to choose to work in these venues is their ability to wear well in the civic environment. Normal weather can be a strain on a mural or sculpture, and cities are often subject to smog and acid rain. Paints have now been formulated to survive longer in urban environments, and many sculptures are made of materials that will withstand the same conditions for many years without the need for constant maintenance.