Temporary Art

When it comes to art, people tend to think of pieces and projects that will be around for years or even centuries. They hold on to the belief that an artist who would put time into planning and executing a work would want it preserved. While this is true for many artists, some of them create temporary forms of art to be enjoyed for only a few hours or days. There are several different types of art that fit into this category such as ice sculptures, sand art and chalk art.

Creating beautiful art with ice has been a pastime for many years, and it continues to survive in modern times because of its ephemeral nature. Catered events such as weddings and receptions are a popular place where this type of art flourishes. An event will only last a few hours, and after that time there is no longer a use for the sculpture. The artist preparing the piece plans for it to gracefully melt away as the hours pass, and all that is left in its wake is a pool of silent water.

Sand art has long been popular in ocean areas, and contests are now held on a regular basis. Judges examine each piece for intricate detail and proper perspective, but crowds of admirers are simply looking for something that amazes them. They see the hard work put into creating this art, but they also know it will not last much longer than the time it takes the event to wind down. If event organizers do not remove the art, the wind will eventually carry it away.

Sending children outside with chalk to draw on sidewalks has long been a summer occupation, but artists have taken this to a new level. They animate paved city walks and pathways with scenes that almost seem to come to life, and their art has been filmed for commercials in some cases. These realistic scenes will not last long when people begin stepping on them, but they will be admired for the few hours they survive.